Coaxial Cable Connectors for HDTV

Before there was structured cabling and media center distribution panels we had master antenna television (MATV) systems and products to extend television reception to every unit in an apartment building or every room a private residence.  In the 1970s and early 1980s, the industry was moving toward the installation of coaxial cable and coaxial cable connections to ensure reliable color television reception at every point in the television antenna system.  Manufacturers of MATV products provided their connectors and crimping tools for system installations.

Advancing 25 years later we have HDTV, satellite television service, and digital cable television all pushing the limits of coaxial cable and connector performance.  New coaxial cable connectors have been developed to address the higher frequency performance requirements of digital television and HDTV.  Likewise, manufacturers have developed specialized tools to properly terminate cables using the new connectors. 

With many cable connector manufacturers providing products to the structured cabling business, what connectors are suitable for HDTV?

The best performing and most reliable connecters for HDTV are the newest “compression” type connectors.  Older style cable connectors relied upon “radial crimping” (compressing the body of the connector around the cable) the connector body to hold it to the outer surface of the coaxial cable.  Radial crimping has given way to the improvements in water-proofing and high frequency performance found in compression crimping connectors.  The compression connector bonds to the cable when a plastic sealing ring is forced into the body of the connector.  The plastic sealing ring provides a water barrier behind the body of the connector to prevent corrosion. 

Compression connectors are designed to fit specific types of cables as foil/braid shield and quad-shielded coaxial cables.  Compression crimping tools are easier to use and ensure consistence performance from connection-to-connection. 

There are many choices of cable connectors and cable preparation (cable stripping and crimping) tools.  Some tools perform multiple tasks.  Whatever the tool, all of them employ a compression process to secure the connector to the cable.  This is now the industry standard for terminating coaxial cables. 

Perhaps you are already using a compression connector product for your coaxial cable terminations.  Great!  If you are thinking about selecting a compression connector product line and are not sure what to buy, give us a call at 800-445-0896 or email us at 

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