AFL 6 Fiber Singlemode Armored Tight Buffered Indoor Plenum Fiber Optic Cable CP0069441901-AIAP

Product Description

AFL's  CP0069441901-AIAP Armored Tight Buffer Circular Premise Cable incorporates 6 Singlemode Bend Insensitive OS2 Fiber strands in a UL listed, jacketed, aluminum interlocking armor cable. Jacketed aluminum interlocking armor provides the best balance of ruggedness, flexibility, and low weight.


  • Routing inside of buildings where additional ruggedness is required or where increased rodent resistance is required
  • Extra protection for fiber optic cables in harsh industrial environments
  • Manufacturing Plants

Fiber: 8.3/125 Singlemode OS2 Bend Insensitive
Fiber Count: 6
Wavelength: 1300nm/1550nm
Max Attenuation: 0.5/0.5dB/Km
10Gb Min Link Length: 10,000 meters/1300nm
Environment: Indoor
Cable Type: Premise Cable/Distribution
Flame Rating: Plenum OFNP
Jacket Color: Yellow
Nominal Diameter: .46"
Minimum Bend Radius: Install - 7.0" Long Term: 5.0"
Operating Temperature:0C to +70C

CP0069441901-AIAP Armored Tight Buffer Circular Premise Cable Spec Sheet

Order in increments of 250ft, 1 = 250ft, 2 = 500ft etc.

** Please call or email about custom cut lengths

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CP0069441901-AIAP 250 feet each: 262.50