AFL CP0249841901-AIAP 24 Fiber 9/125 Singlemode Armored TB Indoor Plenum Premise Cable

Product Description

AFL's CP0249841901-AIAP Armored Tight Buffer Circular Premise Cable incorporates 24 Singlemode Fiber strands in a UL listed, jacketed, aluminum interlocking armor cable. Jacketed aluminum interlocking armor provides the best balance of ruggedness, flexibility, and low weight.  Buffered to 900 µm, these cables can be directly terminated into connectors in loaded panels or in communications closets.


  • Routing inside of buildings where additional ruggedness is required or where increased rodent resistance is required
  • Extra protection for fiber optic cables in harsh industrial environments
  • Manufacturing Plants

Fiber: 8.3/125 Singlemode OS2
Fiber Count: 24
Wavelength: 1300nm/1550nm
Max Attenuation: 0.5/0.5dB/Km
10Gb Min Link Length: 10,000 meters/1300nm
Environment: Indoor
Cable Type: Premise Cable/Distribution
Flame Rating: Plenum OFNP
Jacket Color: Yellow
Nominal Diameter: .62"
Minimum Bend Radius-Long Term: 5.3"
Operating Temperature:0C to +70C

AFL CP0249841901-AIAP 24 fiber Singlemode Armored Tight Buffer Indoor Circular Premise Cable Spec Sheet


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