AFL S018318 Fujikura 45S Fusion Splicer Kit with CT50 Cleaver

Product Description

The Fujikura 45S cladding alignment fusion splicer is changing the way people splice fiber in small to mid-fiber count applications. This Fujikura splicer debuts a landmark improvement to the fusion splicing process with the ability to prepare and load both fibers simultaneously. The hand-held fiber coating stripper, the SS-05, is capable of stripping two 250 μm coated fibers in the same pass, along with the CT-16A cleaver adapter plate which can likewise accommodate two bare fibers for cleaving. After preparation, the 45S patented sheath clamps enable loading both fibers simultaneously into the splicer with one fiber in each hand. The user can press down on the sheath clamp base to close it while positioning the fiber in the v-grooves. This enables onehanded operation.

Furthermore, the 45S sheath clamps are mechanically linked to the wind protector, so after splicing is finished, opening the wind protector also opens both sheath clamps for quick sleeve positioning and transfer to the tube heater. The 45S tube heater shrinks sleeves much faster than its predecessor with a nominal ~20 second heat time for 60 mm sleeves down from ~26 seconds. The simultaneous fiber preparation capability, automated sheath clamp opening, and a faster tube heater, combine to lower the overall fusion splicing cycle time by ~30% or more.

The 45S continues to benefit the user experience with improvements to fiber placement, battery access, and machine ergonomics. Previously, when using sheath clamps, if the cleaved fiber was accidentally set past the electrode centerline, the machine would send an error and require manual intervention. The 45S will now accept this mistake and reverse the fiber to correct position automatically. With a cube form factor, the 45S is easily transported and operated in space-constrained environments. The adjustable screen can alleviate glare from the sun and adjust with abnormal splicer positions confronted in challenging splice locations.

Backed by the best service team in the industry, the Fujikura 45S is the ideal splicer to use when portability, ruggedness, speed, and reliability are needed.

  • Simultaneous fiber preparation with newly patented sheath clamp design
  • Sheath clamps automatically opened with the wind protector
  • Automatic fiber placement correction
  • Active Fusion Control for arc optimization with every splice
  • Active Blade Management for cleave quality monitoring and correction
  • Extended-life electrodes, 6,000 splices, exchangeable without tools
  • Long-life battery (200 splices/shrinks per charge)
  • Easy-access battery, screen position adjustments, and ergonomic adaptations
  • Fully ruggedized for shock, moisture and dust resistance

Fujikura 45S Fusion Splicer
CT50 Cleaver
SS-05 single fiber stripper
FH-70-250 Fiber Holder (pair)
FH-70-900 Fiber Holder (pair)
SP-04 Set Plates
ADC-21 AC Adapter
BTR-17 Battery Pack (installed)
ACC-09 Power Cord
ELCT2-16B Spare Electrodes (pair)
USB-01 USB Cable
AP-02 Alcohol Container
WT-10 work tray
ST-03 carrying case strap
CC-45 Transit Case
1 year factory warranty and instruction manual downloaded from splicer

AFL Fujikura 45S Fusion Splicer Spec Sheet

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