Belden 716SNS1P11PL Snap-N-Seal ProSNS Compression F Connector for Plenum RG11

Product Description

The 716SNS1P1PL is a universal “F” type connector that fits most Plenum jacketed RG11 standard, tri-shield, and quad-shield coaxial cable. 

  • The 716SNS1P11PL ProSNS connectors feature True 360 degree compression technology which provides high quality 75Ω performance, -85 dB effective shielding and superior return loss.
  • Utilizes an air dielectric for better performance and excellent return loss
  • The patented floating-pin insertion guide assists with the insertion of the cable into the connector and reduces the insertion force required to provide consistency and easy termination of the connector
  • An O-ring placed at the base of the connector with a NiTin finish and UV resistant plastic provides a reliable, environmentally sealed product on the cable
  • Low insertion force is required to compress the connector onto the cable
  • 7/16" nut
  • Use the industry standard 1/4”-1/4” cable preparation 
  • Crimp with SNSUNI or CPLCCT-LS59/11 tool

Cable Sizes
Center .0634" - .0647"
Dielectric .274" - .294"
Outer Jacket .339" - .355"

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Part # Price Qty
716SNS1P11PL each: $4.95
25+ : 4.10