Leviton 48211-6A 1x6 Speaker Distribution Module

Product Description

The 47611-6A Speaker Distribution module connects up to six pairs of speakers from an entertainment center or amplifier. Just run speaker wire to this passive bridging module and fill multiple rooms with high-quality music or sound. Supports up to six pairs of speakers; ideal for multi-room sound systems.

Note:To ensure a correct impedance match with the amplifier, only use the passive audio module with impedance matched volume controls or a system matching device.


  • Supports up to six pairs of speakers.
  • Combine with Decora Volume Controls or any impedance matched volume control to control up to six pairs of speakers from one amplifier or receiver.
  • Parallel connection scheme insures the best sound quality.
  • Accepts 14-18 AWG speaker wire
  • User-removable connectors facilitate installation.
  • Connects with standard CL2/CL3 rated speaker wire.

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