Leviton SGI65-W 6.5" In-Wall Speaker, Pair

Product Description

Leviton's SGI65-W 6.5" Spec-Grade Sound™ In-Wall Speakers deliver features and performance comparable to higher-end brands, Leviton combines the latest in top-of-the-line features and technologies that allows contractors, builders and homeowners to make high-end audio performance a viable installation option for every residential home entertainment venue. The SGI65W speakers incorporate exceptionally strong, light and rigid AeroNylon tweeters and Kevlar-composite woofers for exceptional clarity, detail and impact, along with built-in AutoSurge protection to help protect the speakers from possible damage due to over-driving.


  • Kevlar® composite woofer - Woofer construction combines exceptional rigidity and lightness to provide the perfect linear movement needed to reproduce dynamic, tight bass and incisive midrange frequencies
  • AeroNylon tweeter diaphragm - Aerospace-grade nylon tweeter diaphragm combines very low mass and high tensile strength to provide crystal-clear treble response and exceptionally accurate tracking of even the most challenging musical transients
  • AutoSurge™ circuit protection - Built-in AutoSurge protection responds to potentially destructive power peaks automatically and resets after the event, helping prevent speaker damage
  • Advanced phase/time alignment guide- A precise phase/time waveguide is used to properly align sound without mis-aligning the tweeters &endash; a problem with many adjustable in-wall speakers - in order to provide extremely accurate stereo imaging
  • Precision dividing network - The dividing network (or crossover) used in all Spec-Grade Sound speakers is made of high-spec components to ensure total audio signal electronic integrity up to the last microsecond before the signal is converted into sound
  • Inert mounting frame with "dogleg" installation points - To eliminate any transmitted vibrations that could color in-wall or ceiling sound quality, Spec-Grade Sound speakers rely on a baffle-frame assembly incorporating higher-density plastics and a series of adjustable "doglegs" to rigidly clamp the speaker to the wall or ceiling material


  • Woofer : 6.5 inch Composite Kevlar Cone
  • Tweeter: 1/2" Aero-spec Nylon Dome
  • 2-way balanced precision crossover network with Auto-Surge protection
  • Impedance: 8 ohms - minimum 6 ohms
  • Power Handling: 60 watts RMS, 120 peak
  • Freq. Resp: 50 to 20K Hz +/- 3dB
  • Sensitivity: 88dB SPL @ 1 watt / 1 meter
  • Size: 12.31" x 9.02" x 4.06"

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