Primex Stackable Fiber Splice Tray 6 Fiber

Product Description

The Primex Stackable Fiber Splice Tray is designed to route, manage and splice up to six fibers. This compact, low-profile accessory holds up to six fusion splices and stacks easily for scalable fiber management. It is ideal for MDU FTTH applications where space constraints demand efficient fiber splice management.

  • Compact design
  • Enables up to 6 fiber splices
  • Stackable and scalable
  • Easy access makes folding and stacking the splice trays quick and simple
  • Detachable clear cover
  • Fiber management to hold and route expressed fiber
  • Fiber tie down slots to hold fiber cable coming in and out of the tray
  • Works in conjunction with the Primex FS3HS (Hinged Fiber Spool) and FS3S (Fiber Spool) to form the Primex Splice & Spool System

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125-0288 each: 10.50