Quiktron 38999 USB A Male to Female Active Extension Cable 39 Feet

Product Description

The 38999 39ft USB extension cable actively buffers the incoming and outgoing signals to ensure compliance with the USB 2.0 specification for electrical and timing minimums. Designed for use with most USB 2.0 or 1.1 devices like interactive whiteboards, and printers. You can connect up to 3 active extension cables end-to-end to achieve up to 118 feet (36 meter) total extension! Both low and high speed USB devices will function equally well with this extension cable. The active chip is built into the middle of the cable so you can add up to 3 meters of additional USB cable on each end enabling this cable to be used behind a USB wall plate. This cable will also function when plugged directly into your PC.

  • Extends USB 2.0 signals beyond the five meter length limitation
  • Maximum Data Transfer Rate - 480Mbps
  • Center booster format allows this cable to be easily run through raceway
  • Consumes 100mA from the USB port of the computer
  • Up to three cables may be used for a total extension of 118 feet

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38999 each: 27.65