Superior Essex 6T Shielded Category 6+ Plenum F/UTP (ScTP) Cable

Product Description

Superior Essex 6T series shielded Cat6+ F/UTP (ScTP) cable offers guaranteed performance out to 500 MHz and exceeds ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 for CAT 6 cables. The cable is UL Verified CAT 6 and has a typical Alien Crosstalk margin of 18 dB. The cable can be used for 10GBASE-T applications for up to 55 meters per ANSI/TIA/EIA-TSB-155. The cable consists of four (4) balanced 23 AWG copper pairs around a flame retardant cross-web. The core is wrapped with a Mylar® backed aluminum foil. A drain wire is applied longitudinally against the tape. The cable is then protected with a flexible plenum rated FR low smoke PVC jacket. Category 6+ F/UTP (ScTP) is certified for HD A/V applications using HDBaseT Class A and B protocol. 

  • Overall shielded core protects against EMI/RFI, provieds 18 dB typical margin Alien Crosstalk performance
  • Guaranteed performance to 500 MHz assures ample headroom for existing and future high bandwidth applications
  • Exceeds ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 specification for CAT 6 cable performance
  • Allows for 10GBASE-T applications up to 55 meters
  • CableID® alpha numeric code printed every 2 feet allows both ends of a cable run to be easily identifiable without the need to separately label or tone the cable
  • QuickCount® marking system in feet and meters provides remaining length of cable on reel
  • ColorTip® circuit identification system provides easily identifiable conductor mates even in low-light environments
  • HDBaseT Class A and B certified
  • UL Certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) contributes toward 1 LEED point under the Material and Resources credit (MRc)
  • Health Product Declaration™ (HPD™) contributes toward 1 LEED point under the MRc
  • Multi-Attribute Certification by GreenCircle Certified, LLC 
  • UL Verified CAT 6
  • UL, c(UL) Listed CMP
  • HDBaseT Certified

Made in the USA

Superior Essex 6T series Shielded Cat6+ F/UTP Spec Sheet

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