TechLogix TL-INCT-01 In-line HDMI Controller & De-embedder

Product Description

The TL-INCT-01 eliminates the need for remote controls—simply place it in-line between the source and display. It senses activity on the HDMI stream and outputs control signals to connected devices. For example, connecting a tablet or laptop will automatically turn on the display.

The TL-INCT-01 is a HDMI In-line Controller, with resolutions up to [email protected] (chroma sub-sampling 4:4:4 8-bit only) and HDCP 2.2.

Its digital or analog audio output will de-embed audio from the HDMI input and send to an audio distribution system, such as an AVR or Zone Amplifier. Its rotary EDID switch has 15 EDID presets to help negotiate the HDMI handshake in certain situations, such as an old HDMI display with bad DDC channel, or a DVI display with audio reinforcement. By auto-detecting input signal status, it automatically triggers CEC commands to turn on or off a TV with CEC support, pre-loaded RS232 commands to power on or standby projector, and relay control to trigger up and down for a projection screen.

  • Supports video sources up to HDMI 2.0([email protected] 4:4:4 8-bit) and HDCP 2.2
  • HDMI audio de-embedded out with Digital Coaxial and Analog Stereo
  • Rotary switch for EDID Management with 15 EDID presets
  • Built in CEC controller from HDMI out
  • Built in RS232 controller, to pre-load and store RS232 command of sink device
  • Automatic CEC/RS232 command to Power ON/Standby display device, by detecting input signal status
  • Built in RELAY control to automatically turn Projector Screen ON/OFF, by detecting input signal status
  • Automatic input cable equalization and signal regeneration compensation


TL-INCT-01 Technical Specifications 

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